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Sara is the chairperson in the board of the non-profit association IMPRA whose main purpose is to support and promote musicians who identify as women, transgender people and non-binaries who are active in jazz and improvisational music.

In working with IMPRA Sara is working together with the other members of IMPRA to create festival programs, jazz club bookings and live scenes with an even gender distribution and good representation of musicians with different experiences.

The vision of IMPRA is an inclusive and safe music life, free from discrimination and exclusion.

The association is open to EVERYONE who shares our goals and visions.


Sara gives lectures in how to create a more equal music life and scene in Sweden and you can book her through IMPRA. Sara has held lectures at for example Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Fridhems folk highschool in Svalöv, Framnäs folk high school in Piteå and Skurups Folk high school in Skurup.


In IMPRA Sara is also a producer of IMPRApodden, Swedens only existing podcast about improvised music and equality work. 

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