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When releasing the debut single "Very Early (You and I)" on the 8th of april in 2022 Sara took the final step in her process of creating a room of her ownwithin the space of jazz. After years of exploring and studying the complex space jazz can be Sara created a goal to strive against a room within the American standard repotoar where she could feel limitless and free and not bound to the social structures that surrounds jazz. After connecting with two fellow musicians, the pianist August Björn and upright bass player Daniel Andersson, the work towards creating this space began.

Two years and two thesis's later on the subject the album was released on June 3rd.

Sara has written music for Bohuslän Big Band and played with musicians such as

Nils Landgren, Malin Wättring and Martin Sjöstedt. Next project for Sara is to write music for Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, GWO.

"Sara Aldén's debut is a poetic and warm interpretation of the standard repertoire. Fine-tuned interplay, joy of playing and ability to tell a story are words that come to me when I listen. It is a beautiful journey that I recommend that more people go on!"

- Malin Wättring

"Sara Aldén's EP is a glowing, yes, a glowing business card. More more more, I exclaim. Now immediately! I have heard a great Swedish jazz singer - a new jazz star

- be born."

- Bengt Eriksson,

Lira Musikmagasin 

Exciting music, a fascinating trio - and a fantastic singer! "

- Anders Jormin

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