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The EP was initiated when Sara and her two close friend’s August Björn and Daniel Andersson got together in 2019 and Sara set a goal to once and for all make peace with her role as a singer and as a musician. After years of experiencing different resistances within the space of jazz and not feeling that she could let go and be fully free musically, but instead being tied to the social and musical expectations of how and what should be done and performed within the space of jazz, Sara decided to create a place where she could do exactly this. Where she could create the right circumstances to enable a room of her own within the context of the American standard music.


The album was recorded in parts by Klara Goliger and Linnéa Ljungblad at Studio Zen in Gothenburg and was basically done when Sara and her fellow musicians entered the studio one last time in the fall of 2020. At that time, Georgia was the pending state deciding the future presidency of Donald Trump. As a result, the final recording could only become a fateful epilog and additional remake of "Georgia on my mind". The musicians, and the whole world, held their breath. And pressed record.

Mixing and mastering at Studio Glasfågeln, Gothenburg spring 2021


Studio Zen, Gothenburg October 2020


Studio Zen, Gothenburg October 2020

During rehearsals fall 2020

Skärmavbild 2021-02-23 kl. 10.16.32.jpg

Mixing and mastering at studio Glasfågeln, Gothenburg spring 2021

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