Sara is a member of many constellations and projects and has composed music for amongst others Bohuslän Big Band. Her focus is on the voice and the expression it has the unique power to express.

Bachelor Concert at HSM, click to watch full video.

Ack & Ve gives folk pop a new twist through their intimate and deliberately arranged songs where the focus is on tight and noisy sound worlds in combination with lyrics about all the ugly but mostly the beautiful. To hear Ack & Ve, click the youtube clip of the bachelor concert above.

Chime is a vocal group based in Gothenburg. Through strong vocal arrangements, they interpret giants through the ages such as Dolly Parton and Whitney Huston and give new life to music that deserves to be heard over and over again.

Ack & Ve is a folk band wearing red.
Chime is a group of young singers

Photography by Nadim Elazzeh

MONOLOG is a modern jazz pop influenced band with a love for quintols and sad endings.

Monolog - a pop jazz band

Thistle May is a trio based in Gothenburg where three voices and double bass is the core point of the music.

Ayla is a folk music inspired quartet with focus on dynamics and nature like soundscapes close to the heart.

Ayla - a folk music band

Photography by Hobbe Strömberg

Som en sång is small trio with a big heart and love for language and melodies. In their music the grandness of life glimmers and the small moments of truth and tenderness is always present.

Som en sång - a trio that makes folk music and pop inspired music together